‘Women considered abortion but my songs changed their mind’ says Wahu

Gospel singer Wahu songs have been hitting the airwaves and many have shown her support and love as she sings songs that relate with their lives.

One thing that surprised many is that she has been saved for a very long time and she started out as a gospel artiste then turned to secular and she has now turned to gospel.

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During an interview with Classic 105, when asked if she had received any public backlash from people due to her spiritual convictions hence doing gospel music and leaving her secular music behind.

Wahu said,

“Peoples will always have opinion, however popular or not. They could be good or bad and am not trying to influence anybody’s opinion, ultimately am here trying to live my life, am here trying to do the thing i feel i was created to do trying to have a relationship with my God. God’s opinion is what really matters.”

Wahu has no problem performing her old secular music and she believes she also had a good impact during the time but at the moment she wants to do what makes her happy and that is gospel music.

“I want to do what am comfortable doing, and what am com doing is moving forward and creating this God centered music.when i was secular artist I didn’t created bad music, I think God is amazing, when I did sweet love I had women inbox me and tell me I was considering having an abortion but after listening to your song I decided to keep it. When girls look up to you and want to live their life as possible isn’t that God.”

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