Women confess the craziest things a man has done when dumping him


The weird things men do after a breakup is being discussed and the stories ae crazy.

What is the strangest things a man has done when you wanted to leave him?

@t0nit0ne asked in a viral Twitter thread that elicited sad responses from women.

She asked “I’ve got a question for people who date men. What’s the strangest thing a guy has done when you wanted to leave him?”

1. @natgeo_mild

I was in his bedroom when I broke the news. His face went all red and full of tears. Then suddenly he got on the floor, and started doing push ups whilst crying. I didn’t know where to look after that he asked me for a hand job as a ‘goodbye’

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Young couple in bed, man sitting up with arms crossed, portrait
Young couple in bed, man sitting up with arms crossed, portrait

Stalked me and called all my friends and told them I was crazy and needed help!!

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I was driving him home one night and he had gotten drunk and annoying and it was the last straw.
I was going at 120km/h on the highway.

First he threatened to open the door and throw himself out…
Then he put his hand on my handbrake and he threatened to pull it up! At 120km/h!

4. @Omolohulla
He collected my phone and dint give me for days ,said he would kill me if I leave him.

5. @MeemsInterlude
Cut things off with him and he acted like it never happened and carried on popping up on my phone as if nothing Skull

6. @Dressinassbitch
Stole my passport and birth certificateblack-man-grabbing-black-woman

7. @ThatgirlLee__
Threathed to commit suicide and I was scared of leaving because of that and then cheated again. At that point I was fed up and just left. That man is well and healthy. UghFace with rolling eyes

8. @KaraNextWeek
He convinced himself that I gave him a UTI (not his terrible fad “diet” that only had him drinking buttered coffee and whisky), and therefore other STIs (????) and avoided me for weeks instead of just saying he wasn’t feeling it anymore.

9. @Sbo_KaBhungane
Had already left him ,more than 1,5 years later, a week after my birthday he sent a lobola [dowry ] request letter through my lil brother . Lil bro gave it to me instead ,we burned it & blocked his ass from our social media .Like how do you jump from Ex to fiancé ? I was shook Woozy face

10. @ahoefavii
threatened he had secret video recordings of us in intimate moments and he would send to my family if I left him Smiling face with tear then asked me to marry him the following morning I was 18

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