‘Women are like ‘donkeys’ they need a little push

What you missed on the morning conversation with Maina and King’ang’i; A woman called in yesterday in support of dictatorship in marriage.  She says that she agrees with the notion men are the heads and women should be submissive. The woman describes the men who don’t take any questioning from their wives as real men.

She tells off women for complaining that there are no real men any more. She claims women nowadays want a man who will let them stay out as long as they want then go ahead and complain that the husband is not protective and loving.

She argues that submissiveness is one of the most beautiful traits a woman can have and that authority is what women crave for in their men.

Maina Kageni however is of the opinion that there is a difference between arrogance,  total disrespect and love. A caller even said women are like donkeys who need a little push on the buttocks. Listen to what you missed below

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