Ladies, here are reasons why you don’t owe men anything…

Dating in the 21st century has become a complicated affair given the fact that most men do not want to shoulder the responsibilities of paying bills.

More and more women are left single each day for one reason or the other. Couples no longer go out on dates, while some are treated to dates only for them to end up being disastrous.

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A woman found herself in shock after the man she had gone on a date with later decided she was not what he was looking for thus sent her the bill so that she could pay half of it.


The woman identified as Amanda Bernard (above) took to her twitter account and posted the screenshot of the bill and this has elicited an online debate under the hashtag, #LadiesYouDontOwe.

According to Crime Watch the woman felt the man was being unfair given the fact that she was not interested in him after the date.

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Creative twitter users have come up with this creative reasons why women should not feel like they owe men,som of them will leave you on the floor.




A man should be able to accept rejection and move on, sending a bill to the lady is the lowest he can stoop after all the lady doesn’t owe him a thing.

Back in Kenya a woman was left with a bill of Ksh 37,000 after the man she had gone out with bailed out on her leaving her stranded.

This is an increasing trend which has left many women embarrassed while the men walk scot-free


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