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‘ I am willing to pay any man with guts that can come to my husband’s house and have s#x with me’Woman dares team mafisi

Women are known to cheat for a major reasons but it is shocking that some have desire to cheat even though they are married either in church or customary.

Back in the day cheating was frowned upon but sadly it is s slowly becoming a way of life,a woman confessed about she feels like cheating despite the fact that she recently got married.

She says

“I have this strong urge to cheat on my newly wedded husband. I just don’t feet the marriage anymore . Just like I am in bondage . How do I start cheating because the house is too tight and I have security all over . I am willing to pay any man with guts that can come to my husband’s house and have sex with me . I know it is crazy but I will pay for your risk . Security is very tight so I don’t know the kind of lies you can tell to pass. Too many dogs and military men in the compound.”

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Below are some of the major (but not automatic)reasons why women cheat

  • Lack of sexual satisfaction

Women are sexual creatures just like the men. They want to feel wanted, pleased, desired and pleasured by their men. Sometimes, some women may have a higher sexual drive whereby they want to reach a certain orgasm level but their partner can’t give that. This creates a barrier in the relationship and since you don’t want to end the relationship, they are forced to look for men that can meet her physical needs.

  • To revenge

There is nothing heart-breaking like your partner cheating on you after investing in the relationship/marriage. Words cannot even express it because there is a lot of betrayal, insecurity and untrustworthiness. Some women feel its better when they revenge back because they want to kill those emotions and most of the time they won’t be secretive about it.

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  • She feels lonely and  neglected

There is a lot that a woman experiences in her life which includes being a mother, wife, hormonal body changes, mood swings, pressures from work and the likes. This makes her feel she has become more of a nanny, house-help or there is lack of attention and not a wife or mother. It happens this way because the man does not know how to keep the spark of the relationship. If you can’t give her attention, flirt with her and keep the spark she will of course look for it somewhere else.

  • For finances


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