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I am torn between wanting to abort this child and being a baby mama

Abortion is frowned upon in most African countries despite it being legalized in some developed countries leading to early teenage deaths and bareness.

While some women seek professional services from accredited doctors, some go to quacks ending up with life threatening complications that make them not be able to bear children.

A woman has found herself between a rock and a hard place after finding out that a pregnancy termination she had carried on before had brought her complications yet she wants to terminate again since her boyfriend does not want the baby.


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She wrote

“I’ve been battling with suicidal thoughts. And right now am at the verge of giving in,my story is this: been dating my boyfriend for 5 years before finding out we have genotype issues. We can’t marry because of the risk of having sicklers. He requested we break up and move on. It was hard for me and in the process of trying to move on I discovered I was already pregnant for him.
I went to see a doctor but was told that the last abortion I did there was a complication and I already have a 50% chance to miscarry this pregnancy. And if I do miscarry it, the chances of a future pregnancy is very slim.


Like any normal human being, the woman in question is stressed about the whole thing given that she does not know how bad the second termination might go and if she might be able to bear children again.

Her main dilemma is whether she should terminate the pregnancy or not. She adds

“I told this guy all of this and he said if I must keep the child I should know that he will never marry me. And this child would be the only thing between us. I am torn between wanting to abort this child and being a baby mama. I know I will never be truly happy seeing him with someone else and making children and a family. But if I abort this child I may never have children in the future and he would have moved on.Please advice me. I’m already depressed and suicidal. .”

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Here are some of the comments from the public advising her on the way forward
sylviachineze…5 years and y’all didn’t know genotypes? What was y’all discuss in in the relationship? U have no choice than to keep the baby and hope the baby won’t be a sickler..
iphiechristabeluzor..Suicide is not an option, life is too sweet.keep the pregnancy,let go of the past, love your baby and move on.
lolly.akin…Keep the child and stop the suicidal thoughts. You both will be alright. Stay close to family and good friends that can help you through this period
chichi_okorie…Darling u shouldn’t think of suicide please, if u have a job/business then put your whole sef in it, get super busy,carry your child and give birth… U will one day meet someone who is AA and he will love you and your child.
footprintsxy…If your story is totally true then keep the baby… baby mama better pass barren auntie…
sleekch1cWhich doctors keep telling you posters that you’ll never have a child after terminating a pregnancy? Go to real hospitals please, not roadside chemists or butchers.
reeses_peaceee…Suicide is never the way, poster. NEVER. Just be praying for your baby’s health and yours as well and use this opportunity to draw near to God. Wishing you the best!

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