‘He threatened to leave me if I kept the baby,’ Married women confess the reasons they seek abortion

Health experts have regularly warned that married women are now more than ever seeking abortion services, especially after engaging in sexual tirades with lovers during weekends.

Even on the morning show with Maina Kageni and Mwalimu Kingang’i, female callers confess they tend to lie to spouses that there is a girls get away just to find an excuse to be with their ‘sausage funga’ or ‘Ben 10’.

The health experts also say that while they were used to seeing college girls come to clinics to terminate their pregnancy, it is now dominated by married women.

An article published in the Nairobian suggests also the same theory.

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The article quotes the accounts of several women who have sought the services of back-door clinics. For instance Carol Mwangi from Kiambu, a teacher by profession shortly after discovering that her blood sister was having an affair with her husband.

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She is quoted in the same article as saying “Whenever my husband went out of town for conferences,my sister would also go for interviews.

“When she confronted her husband, their argument snowballed into a physical abuse with the husband threatening to involve Carols parents if she continued with the allegations.”

To avoid bringing shame to the family Carol dropped the matter but two months later she got the shock of her life after discovering that she was pregnant. What did she do? You guessed it..abortion.

mum pregnant

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 But what happens in a situation where the woman is being pressured by her spouse to abort? Sad isn’t it? The Nairobian article further interviews Patricia Oduk who disclosed that the idea of a termination came from her husband, a matter that threatened their marriage.

Patricia is quoted as saying

“My husband did not share the same dream as I to have a family and settle down.The news of my pregnancy did not appeal to him and even threatened to leave me if I  kept the baby. He did not share my dreams and he did not want to be tied down by a baby even though he was financially stable.

Eventually I gave in to his demands, we met a doctor in town and in just 30 minutes my pregnancy was gone. I do not think that the marriage will ever be the same again. I no longer view him as the same man I idolized.”


Patricia has not yet been able to conceive due to complications that arose after the termination.

“The walls of my womb are too thin and I have already suffered two miscarriages.We are seeking professional help but my husband is fully to blame for this.”

For Nancy Kaloki a stay at home mum constant quarrels due to childlessness made her seek solace on social media.

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“My husband used to allege that multiple abortions during my youth were the reason behind my childlessness. I found comfort on facebook and before long  I started getting a lot of male attention. I started going for dates with them and before long I was going to their houses for ‘chats’.”

Before long Nancy realized she was expectant

“I couldn’t believe it. I had desperately yearned for a baby for years. But getting what my heart desired turned out to be a huge mistake I opted to abort.”

Even though Nancy’s husband never found out she is still paying for her mistake as she has never been able to conceive yet her biological clock is ticking ,at age 35, she is running out of time.

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