Woman trapped in loveless marriage tells how she is coping with it


A woman confessed to Maina Kageni on Friday November 26 that she is trapped in a loveless marriage, and cannot walk away.

She told this dilemma in a topic about wives going off their husband for no reason at all.

The lady explained to Maina that the man loves her deeply but ‘hamfeel’

“It’s absolutely true, it happens’. It happened to me like I have this guy he loves me so much we have kids, but those are not his kids. We have lived together seven years, but mtu ananipenda but mimi simfeel kabisa. He doesnt think the thtee kids are his, alinipata aknikiwa nao, ananipenda but I don’t feel him at all, I don’t have those feelings, and he does everything, he pays school fees, he loves them so much. It stated as early as tene, yani ni kama aliniforce kwa hii relationship. so I thought that maybe one day I will fall in love with him. I don’t know why I cant leave him, I don’t know why I am just stuck there, but he is the best guy I have ever met. Sijui nikuambie nini Maina, the problem ni sijawahi mfeel hata’BLACK-COUPLE-SAD-facebook

This situation is so true for men too who confessed to Maina that it’s not just women living in loveless marriages.

The first man said ‘I’m dating one of the famous journalists in Kenya right now tulipatana ten years ago. We have one kid but si mfeel kabisa, but sijawahi muonyesha niko tuu hapo juu ya mtoto wangu we live together, the problem is siwezi muonyesha na yeye hajawahi notice, sijawahi muonyesha siwezi, but niko na ka mpango, i cant leave her, yani anaenda hii family kabisa, and she still thinks she is my only one,’

A second man told of his agony

‘simfeel wangu simensi ako tuu hapo but hiyo feelingi iliisha kabia siwei mwambia aende analea vifaranga, i cant walk away unavumilia tuu kimwanaume, kitaliban, nitakaka mpaka watoto wakuwe wakubwa nitapata mapenzi uko inje, kwani iko shida?’

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