Woman tells how she was shot 17 times by her mans side chick


An American woman has shared her personal story of being shot 17 times by her boyfriends side chick.

She described that scary moment in the video below.

Nicole Jones said she had been dating her boyfriend for almost a year when he started cheating on her.

“At the time, I was seeing this guy. Almost a year into our relationship, he began to be unfaithful,” Jones said. “The girl my boyfriend was cheating on me with, she became a living nightmare.”

This led to squabbles because the side chick would show up at their house, and Jones believed her man was entertaining all this nonsense.

The shooting happened after the the side chick called and argued with Jones about the man, threatening her with dire consequences.


“I got a phone call from the girl. I answered and it was her in the bed with him,” she continued. “She had went through his phone that night and seen that me and him were together the day prior. She was very upset. I said, ‘You can have him. He’s clearly there with you, good luck.’ So I hung up the phone and she called me back. She said, ‘I’ll come shoot up your windows.’ I just wrote it off as fight talk. I started to get ready for bed.”

But before sleeping she heard her boyfriends noisy van outside and decided to check it out, only to find the side chick in the van.

“As I’m walking up, I’m realizing it’s the girl,” Jones said. “I asked her what was she doing here. She pulls out the gun and I just froze. I just knew she was going to kill me at that moment. She immediately just started shooting.”

Jones said she fell after the first three shots hit her stomach. She was continuously shot in her back and legs and told to “die” as she was face-down on the ground. Jones eventually played dead and the woman fled the scene.



There were so many angry comments about it:
It’s a blessing that she survived, but she got back with the cheating nigga after the chick he was cheating with tried to kill her??? I just don’t understand

People love to play with fire and life and death. Would never advice anyone I know to get back with such guy
So somebody tell you I’m gonna come air you out, a van pulls up in the middle of the night and you come outside thinking it’s the dude unannounced after you just established he was with her? Y’all believe anything huh?

I need women to value theirselves more! The first cheat, you leave! There is not a person, soul, entity residing in this world that is worth fighting for or dying for, there’s a plethora of people out here in this world, no one is that mf’n special to stick by & almost die over.

All this over a dusty?!? He caused all this mess playing w 2 women at the same time & it sucks he’s not facing some consequences. I’m not surprised he went back to his old ways,dudes get off on women fighting over them. SMH I’m glad she’s alive and I hope the shooter dies in jail

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