‘I slept with my pastor and he now wants me to leave my man’ Cries woman

Pastors are meant to be confidants and  safe haven for most of us but for one city woman her pastor ha turned out to be her worst nightmare.

According to her an innocent trip to her pastor ended badly after the two ended up getting intimate.

‘I slept with my pastor’s wife yet he was targeting mine’ Brags city man (Audio)

The problem is that the pastor is not willing to let her go even urging her to divorce her husband.

“My husband does not touch me and I don’t know why, I am beautiful slim and very young but I guess I am not attractive enough.

I got depressed and got a therapist and ended up sleeping with him to the extent that he wants me to leave my husband and marry him .

I ran to my pastor to confess my infidelity and ended up in bed with my pastor and same this man is addicted to my body that he spends so much on me.


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The woman then goes on to brag about how attractive she is

I am not proud of all this but I am still wondering why my husband does not enjoy me like other men do  I have to beg him for s#x everytime.

When he does he does not kiss me, suck me or lick me he just hit me and get up ,what do you think is wrong ?

We use to be good like my husband is good and has a big dick but he just drifted away and I don’t know why . Advise please I don’t want to go to anyone again to avoid another infidelity. I

think I am too attractive”

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