Woman shares a picture of her pedicure and everyone is horrified

There’s nothing as exciting for a woman as going to a nail spa and getting your manicure and pedicure.

We tend to always go ahead and flaunt the cute nails on social media, waiting anxiously for our followers to respond with nice comments.

Well this was not the case for one woman who shared a photo of her pedicure. She was probably feeling really nice and was expecting everyone to share in her joy. But nooo….the internet had no chills.

Check out the not so nice responses after she flaunted her pedicure.

Roshni Sedani Aarti chapati feet

Mary Mueni George Sampoli come see your girlfriend ametoka pedicure

Mary Mueni George Sampoli come see your girlfriend ametoka pedicure

Martin Ratanya Those toes looks so much adaptable to climbing and sometimes holding…

shocked meme

Monique Shiks Big feet’s twin(the x-men gorrilla like guy)..Rip english…lol

Eva Mwakio Wambuu The lady looks tall i find the toes pretty whats wrong with themπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but nimebaki hapo kwa kuslap floor watu mna mambo

Yusuf Sikamoi This one is for Gorilla,monkey and monsters is not for human being unless homohabilis and homosapiens

shocked meme 1

Vivian Asingwa Are they fingers or toes ni swali tu

Wilson Kingori Lol.bigfoot

Grycee Wambui can we get a full shot of the foot itself? wah!

Ngk Mac hehehe she slaps,but looks nice

what in the hell meme

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