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Woman reveals how pregnancy and motherhood has changed her life forever

Some women have taken to social media to narrate the deep regret they feel for having become mothers.

According to them that has stalled their life.

I am a single mother of one, my child is 3+ .The issue now is I have been living in regrets of having this child.

This feeling of regret is getting so strong and overwhelming , that sometimes I just sit and start crying ,asking God to take the feeling away .

I don’t have a mother,I am not a graduate ,I live with my dad who is a single father and no sibling.No family member.

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I look back at my life from before I had this child and I am full of regrets. I don’t know if other mother’s( single or married) experience it too.

Please those young girls out there who gets pregnant outside wedlock, please do well to go for that abortion , don’t be like me and wallow in regrets few years down.

I look at myself in the mirror ,the fallen breast ,the saggy tommy and the stretch marks and the pain won’t just go away.

It hurt so bad!

She adds

I am a shadow of myself. I can’t even kill myself cos there will be no one to look after my child.

I am a lonely single mother,I have even thought of just killing us both but I can’t..
All I need is encouragements .

I am falling deeper into this abyss of depression everyday. God please I am sorry..I am sorry my child.

Another man adds that he understands the womans predicament.

Would you believe me if I told you I understand exactly how you feel? The feelings of regret come because having a child has completely turned your life upside down.

I parent with my wife and still experience this in leaps and bounds…talk mire of you, a single mum.

The saddest part is…there are married women who feel like you everyday in their marital homes.

I talk to so many of them. This is why i encourage people about the importance of having true support. You will keep feeling this way.

Another adds

 l totally understand your situation because I was once in it 16 years ago when I was 18years old. I was raised by my father and grandmother, had no mother.

I got pregnant at 18, without any help from father or family, so I had to raise my son all by myself.

There were times when I cried and wished I didn’t have him, but I had to be strong because I knew how I felt and what I went through when my mother wasn’t there for me& trust me, keeping him was the best thing ever.

God was there for me even though I had no relationship with Him.

 16 years later, I am married, went back to school, got a good job and just gave birth to my second child 5 weeks ago..

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