Woman Raises Kshs.18 Million With A Fake Cancer Appeal

Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to communication and it doubles up as effective because of the number of users. Users use this tool of communication to reach as many people as possible. Stories shared include recipes, where to shop, security alerts and most importantly you can appeal for any form of help and well wishers can contribute with words of encouragement or money. Many people have benefited through such appeals.


It seems some people are taking it a little bit too far and are taking advantage of the situation. In a case a woman claiming to be suffering different multiples of cancer is said to have raised close to 18million on social media. We all know treating cancer is a bit expensive and majority of patients seek medical attention outside the country. The woman identified as Beatrice Achieng alias Betty Emmy alleged to be suffering cancer of the liver, spleen and blood


She was uncovered soon after she seek assistance from the wife of the governor, well wishers who came to her plea unmasked her. Eddah’s Hope Center of which she was associated with, distanced themselves from Betty saying she was not part of the firm.


Juliah Muriuki who assisted Betty during her medical trials and tribulations said there was a possibility that her case was not genuine. This was after planning an event to celebrate with cancer patients. Betty showed up and made herself the center of attention as she repeated her story for those who were present and at the end of it all she asked for money.

According to Juliah Muriuki, she helped Betty raise the 18million which was supposed to cover her medical expenses at London’s Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead. Muriuki further suspected her after getting upset when demanded for photos of her being in hospital.

Authorities have warned Kenyans of falling into traps by individuals soliciting for help to raise money for their medical treatment.

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