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‘He raped my daughter, beats me yet I am only a few months past delivery’ Cries city woman

There is nothing as heartbreaking as a woman losing her self esteem especially due to constant physical and emotional abuse from men to soothe their ego.

Back in the day beating up a pregnant woman was unheard of, cases of incest and rape were a taboo but nowadays it has become a norm and sadly people are not speaking about it.

A woman narrates her harrowing ordeal at the hands of her abusive husband;

” I’m a lady in my mid 20’s with 3 kids. My soon to be ex husband has really shown me what hell is like. I’ll spare you all the details cos my experiences with him has been horrible.  A man who beats me when pregnant,  after birth,  infact,  the last beating was barely a week after birth. He does all manner of things including being diabolic,  chasing women even those very close to me and sending them his nude pictures.  I’ve lost my confidence, and  self esteem.

 I’m someone who believes that no matter what someone does to you,  it’s forgivable let alone your partner, so no need for divorce, but right now, it’s only I who wears the shoes knows how it pinches me. And so I called my family that I’m no longer interested in the marriage.”

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The woman goes on to narrate that instead of her family supporting her they turned against her telling her that marriage is for better for worse.

“My family warned me against coming out his marriage adding that  I should carry it as my cross that marriage is for better for worse. I’ve tried to convince them,  and even told them how he molested my daughter.  Yet they said I should keep praying.  Now my question is,  I’ve left his house already with my kids. But how do I begin from here? The man in question says that I won’t leave with his children.  The kids are 4,2, and few months old.  And my family supports it saying that even if I’ll leave the marriage that they won’t train someone else’s kids. What do I do?” 

Here are comments advising her on what to do;
coj_collections3:Prayer is the key to all problems, ask God to arrest him and keep on praying for him to change. With the 100k you can start up a business at least to carter for your kids,cos it’s obvious you can’t take care of them alone. Although staying away from your marriage isn’t the best option.
ppdivanews:Sad story…..don’t give dem ur kids,men do not take custody of children ,especially when the woman in question,just like .You have a strong reason not to leave her kids,no court room will even encourage dat………go to the family meeting tell them all he did to you and u can’t leave ur kids to his care,because he has a questionable character.
pearlsashley:Carry ur kids n disappear bcz I promise u that meeting won’t favor u or the future of those kids except ur comfortable with them becoming vagabonds in d future,Start small even if it’s provisions business u can venture it’s never to late to fix ur mistake now,that man of urs can’t takecare of those kids he’s just trying to show good for nothing power at the end of the day those children will suffer n have no opportunities to succeed in d future if they r left there
mrsjaymoles:Relocate as far away as possible from both families with your children. Don’t attend that family meeting, your mother might blackmail you with tears.

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