Woman misses her own wedding after realizing her man lied about being rich

Would you miss your own wedding if you found out that your husband to be has been lying about being wealthy yet he is just a hustler?

While many would not one woman has taken that bold step after realizing that the man she was to s[pend the rest of her life had borrowed almost all he had just to fake a rich lifestyle.

She wrote

“Today is my wedding but I am not showing up. I just left town and chilling in a hotel, I hope I made the right decision, I can imagine the frustration of them all looking for me. I found out that my husband to be was not as rich as he lied he was. He borrowed almost all he had to deceive me so I played him first before he messes me up .”


One of the readers also narrated how her cousin was also duped by a selfish man who was only keen on getting a wife at whatever cost.

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duchessangyYou took the best step but it shouldn’t have been on the wedding day. Same thing happened to my cousin but she found out all the drinks, seats canopies were collected on debt when they came for their money and she paid for everything to hide shame. From the first day of the marriage, he never gave her a dime for food and when he saw she won’t give him her money, he almost killed her when she was 8months pregnant, ran away when he thought she died. He pretended to be rich cos he was after her money and thought she’ll hand him everything after marriage but she refused, he resorted to violence. She left the marriage almost blind. So poster I thank God for your life.
ejemenisiI do not understand why many peeps are saying she was in the relationship for the money. This is clearly deceit! Not everyone can stand being played. For those people saying he did it because he loves her, that’s a lie. He deceived her! Period! And that’s a selfish thing to do. Why didn’t he tell her the truth and allow her to make the decision to stay with him or not instead of trying to trap her by marrying her. My only issue here is the last minute decision but if calling it off at the last minute will save her and everyone the trouble of divorcing for this reason, fine. A broken relationship is better than a broken marriage. Deceit shouldn’t be painted because it’s about money. It’s still DECEIT!

edirin_vEveryone is just deceiving everyone. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£A world filled with lies. Lord deliver us from from lying spirits aroundπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
ivyonne_dezzyYou tried very well my dear ,biko tell me your location let me join you in chilling ….
luvee_Tell the guest to go and eat the jollof rice before it is cold oo
enoobong21A broken relationship is better than a broken marriage

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