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‘Should the other woman meet the wife?’ Maina and Kingangi discuss

Maina and Kingangi today spoke about the experiences the ‘other woman’ deals with when first meeting the wife of the man that she was dating.

Maina was shocked that the ‘other woman’ would be comfortable meeting the wife of the man she was dating. He could not understand the rationale behind it. This was echoed by Kingangi who felt that the real skill lay with the man who was orchestrating such a meeting, calling the man a ‘hero’.

Maina and Kingangi speak about men who are serial cheaters

Maina opened up the floor to comments from listeners. Some of the comments are below;

We, women, are our worst own enemies. I am not happy meeting the ‘other woman’-A message from a female caller.

Some things people talk about! No wife wants to be seconded-Read a message from a man.

I have 3 wives and they are all known by my family and they don’t know each other-Read a message from a man.

Are women happy with polygamy? Maina and Kingangi discuss

Wives are better investigators than the CID. The ‘other woman’ should never meet the wife. Wait till the sh*t hits the fan-Read a message from a woman.

Don’t show me the ‘other woman’. It will not be good-Read a message from a woman.

If you want to meet the man’s wife, then you have no brains. Eat your cake with some manners otherwise, it will choke you-A message from a female caller.

We have two groups of women; One is hardworking. Then we have the lazy ones who just get married for money. I am married and I will never allow a second wife and if he gets another wife he should hide her-A message from a female caller.

As a Muslim, I am allowed 4 but it isn’t my religion that allows me but my wife. But I also have my side-chicks who I keep them hidden-A message from a male caller

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