Woman hilariously asks friends to snitch if her man cheats


I know what you are thinking. She is crazy right? Girls would you want to be told that your man was spotted with another bae? After all we all say you should look away and mind your business.

A woman has encouraged her friends to snitch on her man in a hilarious comment below:

If you see my man out with someone DO NOT mind ur business. FaceTime me and hand him ur phone.



Many of the responses to her comment were just as funny
Say less. I will even follow him until you arrive with a full description of his “friend”. I am nosy af when it comes to my friends’ hearts.

The truth always wins out in the end. I have a friend whose boyfriend was cheating while on a Biz trip in a city of 8 MILLION people, was spotted by someone that they knew, photo taken, sent to the SO back home, and his shit hit the curb before his flight landed.

will do i just dont want to become a part of drama promise no drama!??

This is lit…

nah mind yo got damn business


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