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‘I am pregnant for my sister’s father-in-law and he wants me to keep it’ Immoral Nairobi woman confesses

Would you forgive your sister if she got pregnant for your father-in-law?A woman has found herself in a fix after realizing that she is pregnant.

The issue is not that she is pregnant, after all women get pregnant everyday. The issue is that she is heavy with her sister’s father-in-law and the man in question wants her to keep the baby.

The woman has been warming up to her in-laws advances to an extent of showcasing her prowess between the sheets without really minding how her sister would feel if she found out.


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The woman in question is now remorseful terming her life a mess, but this is where we say mwiba wa kujidunga hauambiwi pole

“My life is a mess ,My elder sister is wedding today, And I am not sleeping with her husband I know u all are waiting for that, I did not .
But I am pregnant for my sisters father-in-law . Do I call him my father in law too .What do I do ?
His wife might kill me,and he said he wants the baby,the thing is I love my sister,do u think if I keep the baby that it will affect her marriage in anyway. I love the man so much and he is so mature and treats me right .
I am at the reception but I am not myself I just feel uncomfortable so I decided to write you.”

Sleeping with her sister’s father-in-law is already bad as it is, but getting pregnant for him is even worse but who are we to judge her.

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