Woman Gate Crushes Her Own Funeral After Husband Plotted To Kill Her

A woman in Australia surprised her family and husband by showing up at her own funeral.

According to BBC, the husband to Noel Rukundo had hired hitmen to kill her while she took a trip from Australia to her native country Burundi.

Reports from Australia Broadcasting Corporation, say her husband had paid the equivalent of 7 million shillings to have his wife ‘finished’.

She was accosted by the gunmen who instead of killing her showed her the evidence of payment and telephone conversation between them and her husband. They then told her that they do not kill women and children and let her go.

Afterwards they called the man and asked for more money claiming to have finished the job. Balenga then informed relatives and friends that his wife had died in a road accident and began the funeral arrangements.

Rukundo was able to get her husband to confess that he wanted to murder her after she “surprised” him at her own funeral. The man has since been found guilty of attempted murder and is currently serving a 9 year sentence in Melbourne.

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