Woman fakes own kidnap to break up with BROKE boyfriend


A woman in China feared boyfriend would ‘get clingy’ if she asked for a breakup.

According to reports, she saw how poor he was when they visited his hometown for Chinese New Year, and after disappearing, she sent messages to the man saying she had been killed.

The 37-year-old woman, surnamed Yu, had wanted to split up with the man after finding out that he was poor, but feared he would ‘get too clingy’ and refuse, Chinese media reported.

Pretending to be her ex-husband, Yu sent threatening messages to her boyfriend, saying she had been killed and her body had been thrown into a lake in Wuhan city, Hubei province.

The boyfriend called police and they eventually found her in a motel room, unhurt.

The 36-year-old boyfriend, surnamed Lin, alerted local police after receiving the messages, Wuhan Evening News reported on Tuesday.

Lin said his girlfriend disappeared from their dormitory at the Huangpi Jiahai Industrial Park where they worked on the night of February 21, shortly after the couple returned from Lin’s hometown in Yichang city for Chinese New Year.

Minutes later, Lin’s phone rang. It was his girlfriend telling him she had been kidnapped.

‘Come and save me, my ex-husband has kidnapped me, come quickly. I think I’m on the highway already,’ she cried, before the line went dead.



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