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Woman explains story behind that viral picture with Omar Lali


The identity of the woman in the viral picture with Omar Lali has been unveiled and you can thank KOT for this.

According to details, the minji minji women captured attention and it was alleged that Omar has good taste and can teach Kenyan men a thing or two about landing light skinned and rich women.

She is now fighting back against claims that she and Omar are an item and insists they are old friends who were catching up and taken out of context.

woman in viral pic talks

And she really is stunning. See a better picture of her.

After the picture was shared the first time, many picked up on it saying Omar, who was a suspect in the murder of heiress Tecra Muigai, is a legend, a GOAT.

woman in blue dress

Most of the comments supposedly suggest Omar uses some form of witchcraft to catch beautiful girls. Really KOT?

Omar Lali show us your ways master

We humble ourselves before you king. Show us your ways.

Yegon, I’m soon visiting Omar Lali. Whatever it is, its working.
We come before thy presence master. We are humbly requesting you to find it in your heart to show us your ways! We promise we will follow

Teach us your ways and tactics master Lali

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