Woman died after shooting herself in the eye while adjusting bra

Police in Michigan have determined that a mishap involving a bra holster led to the death of a 55 year old woman.

Christina Bond, a 55-year-old mother of two, fatally shot herself in the eye while attempting to secure her handgun.

“She was having trouble adjusting her bra holster, couldn’t get it to fit the way she wanted it to,” said St. Joseph Public Safety Director Mark Clapp. “She was looking down at it and accidentally discharged the weapon.”

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Bond was rushed from her home on Lake Michigan after the incident, but succumbed to her injuries at a local hospital.

With the rising cases of insecurity worldwide, many people are purchasing weapons for themselves.

Arms and accessories aimed at women have been increasing in popularity in recent years, ranging from concealed carry purses to pink pistols.

Carrie Lightfoot, owner of the Well Armed Woman store, told USA Today that bra holsters were becoming increasingly popular.

“It’s kind of a natural location depending on the size of the gun and the size of the ‘guns’,” she said.

“Women just need options because one day a woman is wearing a dress, the next day a suit and the next day exercise clothing.

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