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I haven’t worked for the last 4 years thanks to my married West African bae

During the Morning show on Classic 105 a Kenyan woman caught many by surprise by confessing to being a kept woman for 8 years.

She further added that she has not worked for the last 4years.

The debate was based on whether it is possible for women to be successful without depending on a man and here is what the caller had to say.

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“I am a woman and I know this things are happening, I am doing well in life and I can’t complain and its all because of a man.I met this man 8 years ago ,He is married and the wife lives in a different country.

We met in a different country(not where he is living with the wife) and things are super,My child is going to a good school ,I am living in my own house men help build our empires so lets not lie about it.

He is not a sponsor since we have been together for 8 years,we are not gonna get married and we are not planning to have kids but yes he is providing.

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I am also doing other stuff as well ,he sends me 300$ (Ksh 30,000) every month and he even told me I don’t have to work.Initially I used to work in a very reputable organization but since the man had money I just became comfortable and he told me that I don’t have to work.

Its been four years without me working and I am comfortable I started a business which i operate without his knowledge all he knows is that his girl is in the house.

He is a West African man,men support women to be successful lets be real tusidanganyane.”

The confession left Maina Kageni dumb founded

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