Woman claims that her step-mother is spiritually changing the gender of the child currently in her womb

Spiritual battles are hard to deal with, especially if a family member is fully involved in making your life a living hell. For those who believe in spiritual battles, you might have an idea of all the attacks it comes with, witchcraft and binding spirits, thus one grows weary.

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This particular woman claims that her step mother spiritually changed the sex of her baby. She prayed for a son and claimed that God confirmed it would be a boy but her dreams tell her something different. Check out what she wrote on social media;

“I have been having wierd dreams since I became pregnant concerning the gender of my baby. It was a bit difficult for me getting pregnant not because hubby and I had medical issues but because of spiritual attacks (from my mother’s co-wife..its a long story) fast forward to when I got pregnant, I prayed earnestly and even made a vow to God and finally got my miracle. My issue is this, I asked God for a son which I know he answered because I dreamt about it. But from my 3rd month of pregnancy, I kept having this dream where this same woman (my mum’s co-wife) will tell me I have given birth and hand me a baby girl and I keep rejecting the baby telling her my baby is a boy. Not to exaggerate, I have had this dream over 10 times, I have done a bit of research and found that someone can change the gender of your baby spiritually, everyone thinks am being paranoid except my mum and we have prayed earnestly as we can. I went for an ultrasound and the doctor said it is a girl which has made me really sad. Don’t get me wrong, am not averse to having a girl,I already have one, it just hurts so much knowing that someone is hurting you and you can’t help yourself. Please I need someone to help me with a strong man or woman of God’s contact to help me in prayers to atleast reverse whatever she has done. As for prayers, I have prayed earnestly but it seems like God has turned his back on me or perharps I am praying amiss.. Please mothers help a sister if you can.”

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