Woman celebrating wedding anniversary shot and killed by stray bullet in Mexico

An American woman celebrating her first wedding anniversary in Mexico City has died after being shot by a stray bullet as she walked out of a taco restaurant.

Tatiana Mirutenko, was walking out of a taco restaurant on Monday when she was shot by one of two men on a motorcycle.

They opened fire from the road in an attempt to kill a bouncer.

She was in Mexico with her husband James Hoover to celebrate their first year of marriage.




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They were traveling with two other couples and had two friends with them when she was shot in the head.

This all took place in an upscale neighborhood in Mexico city.

The Mexican authorities said the man,who was the target of the shooting,was injured but survived.

Tatiana’s extremely unfortunate death is the latest in dozens this year across the country which have prompted warnings from the US government to tourists.

Since March, the State Department  has told US citizens not to travel to four specific Mexican states because of the high levels of violent crime found in each.

Tatiana was a pharmaceuticals analyst and was considered a rising star where she worked,according to Daily Mail.

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