Woman blasted for demanding inconvenience fee before having children


Women who publicly express what their standards are often find themselves being trolled.

People label the woman as problematic and say they are baffled by how these ‘outrageous’ demands.

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Such a discussion went down on Twitter with one woman saying what she expects her man to do for her before she bears him any children.

@TWILEYTM wrote on Twitter that
No babies until a ni*ga put me in a new crib & car, plus ring on this goddamn finger. And a 100k inconvenience fee for getting me pregnant during my prime. Plus my bbl & surgery for new titties right after I give birth. I will not be compromising.

This comment elicited mixed reaction with some saying women have become too demanding, but others supporting her decision saying they would ask for more.

All these men saying she’s asking for too much 😂

Worse case scenario she doesn’t find someone who will give her this so she continues flourishing because she’s choosing not to have a baby by a dust bucket

Where’s the negative?

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How the hell is this even realistic? I assume you’re in your late 20s to early 30s? What guy in that age range is making that kind of money, just to give to one sole person? Reality tv and social media has your mind twisted! A lot of delusional females on Twitter.

You’re suppose to get pregnant in your prime that’s when your body of in the best shape but whatever.

Lmaoo this is my favorite tweet of the day. Why do men assume women who want men with money are broke. It’s usually quite the opposite. Wealthy or/and ambitious women want the equivalent and usually get it.

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Agreed most women do have their money right, but this tweet NAHHHHHH that’s almost 500k for a kid before the kid is born this is far fetched lol. Hopefully the guy has standards for her at least 200k in assets for him to even talk to her

🤔 i need all that minus the surgery, I want a personal trainer and a nanny.

I’d pay for a surrogacy pregnancy and we can get a new place idk about the rest as an adult you should be able to get your own car and if you ain’t the one getting pregnant you don’t need any surgery or new titties🤷🏻‍♂️ as your man imma love your body regardless

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