Juliua Wambua and his daughter Dorcas

Woman begs dad for forgiveness years after falsely accusing him of rape

The story of Julius Wambua an inmate at Kamiti Maximum Prison has shocked many after his daughter confessed to framing him for rape.

Wambua has been in Kamiti Maximum Prison for the last ten years, since 2011 after his wife and daughter conspired against him and accused him of rape.

Speaking during an interview with Citizen TV Wambua narrates the horrors of the day his life changed for the worst.

“In 2007 I parted with my first wife over a piece of land. She wanted me to sell the land the piece of land so that we could share the land.

I sold the land at Ksh 150,000 and we equally divided the money between us and parted ways.

After some time I went bought another acre of land and built a house and got married a second time. It is then that my first wife decided to bring back my two daughters so that they could live with me.

I talked to my new wife to help bring up the kids and she agreed. After one year I bought those kids a piece of land and started building a house for them.

My kids were still in communication with their mum and they used to inform her of what is going on in my life.”

Wambua during the interview

He adds

“Schools were closed and she requested that the kids go stay with her so that she could buy them new uniforms.

I told her its Ok but they could only stay for two days given that I had payed for their tuition fee.”

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What Wambua did not know is that his life was about to change for good. He was arrested a few days later while doing some shopping in a nearby market.

“I was out shopping when some guys approached me and asked me my name and once I told them they said I was the person they were looking for.

They said that the OCS had a message for me, I did not know what awaited me.

I loved my wife and kids and I swear I did not rape my kids.

During the court proceedings the girls (whom I was accused of raping) could not look at me on the face.”

Wambua's daughter Dorcas who accused her dad of raping her.

Wambua says that those are his kids and he loves them despite all they have done to him.

Dorcas the lady who accused her dad of s3xually abusing her was contacted and she visited her dad at Kamiti Maximum Prison and here is her narration of what happened 10 years ago.

“After you left our mum she left us and my mum did not support your choice of a wife.

She thought that your second wife would inherit all your property so she made a plan to get you arrested  and sell your property.

When we visited her she hatched the plan, we went to a nearby hospital where she forged a medical report to show that I had been reported.

Wambua and his daughter opening to each other at Kamiti Maximum Prison

She coached me on what to say and threatened that if I did not say what she wanted I would be arrested instead.

I was so young to understand what was going on and now that I do I regret every day of my life, Please forgive me.”she begged”

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She goes on to add that she has regretted that decision all her life

“My mum went and got married I have siblings but I live a lonely life. That of an orphan. I wish I knew what was happening back then I would not have done it.

She wanted you to be thrown to Shimo La Tewa so that you can die. Whenever I asked ulienda wapi she told me you were dead.


I was thrown out of our grandparents home and I did not know where to go.

Please forgive me.”

Wambua was sentenced to life but has appealed and is awaiting a response over his case.

We hope he finds justice.

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