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Wolper Will Lose It: Is This Harmonize’s New Girlfriend? (Photo)

Tanzania’s star and WCB signee Harmonize has for the longest time made headlines with his stylish girlfriend Jacqueline Wolper.

They have constantly been the talk of town based on their on and off relationship, parading their issues on social media and throwing shade at each other.


But one thing is for sure. These two are confused molecules because they never seem to stick to their words and always end up looking like fools at the end of it all.

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A while back, they broke up but later on, got back together and Harmonize even went ahead to feature her in his music video ‘Niambie’. This move was really confusing considering the two were not in a good place in their relationship.


But what doesn’t add up is the fact that Harmonize has just posted a photo on social of a white lady with a caption that read, “👪 💕💕 UJINGA WAKATI WA KWENDA.”

It’s not yet clear what he meant when he said that, but could she be the one that’s warming his bed, now that it’s rumoured he and Wolper are no longer together. Well, if you understand the emoji language, it’s clear what he was talking about.

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