Wololo! Kenyan Socialite Bridget Achieng Takes A HIV Test. The Results Totally Shocked Her (PHOTOS)

Kenyan socialite and reality TV show star Bridget Achieng has gone ahead to reveal her HIV status to the world.

The bootylicious lass is known for her dramatic and violent character on Nairobi Diaries, which also includes a lot of other female casts like rapper Notiflow, Risper Faith, Mishy Dora, Pendo and former Deux Vultures rapper, Mustafa.


Bridget Achieng was recently spotted with Vera Sidika’s ex-boyfriend Yommy Johnson in Dubai, where she had gone to celebrate her 28th birthday with other lady friends, and rumours started swirling around that she was sleeping with him.

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Yommy Johnson and Vera broke up about 4 months ago, and a few weeks later, he allegedly leaked her nude photos, claims he denied, and later on, Vera revealed that he was actually violent and insecure when they dated.


When asked whether they have a thing, Yommy insisted that they were just good friends with Bridget, adding that he’s currently dating Tanzanian socialite Lady Kaygee.

“So I cannot have friends just because?? Please let this girl enjoy her birthday in peace, there are so many people who came to my party it’s only yommi you people can see?GOD take control.nothing is always Good in human beings eyes ….I don’t know what is wrong with people here,” Bridget ranted as she denied claims about hooking up with Yommy.


The TV girl is now back to Kenya, and to start off, she decided to go and get a HIV test. Bridget would, later on, reveal the results to the world, with a caption alongside a video that read;Let’s get married already.”

“So I just did my HIV test. I’m so happy I’m done with this, I was so scared. I’m good, good, good. These are my results, I am negative. Yeah. So now I’m going to be a good girl, and wait for my husband until death do us part, yes,” she revealed in a video she posted.

Check out the photos of Bridget’s results below.




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