Woi!!! Fake 2017 Oscars Fiasco!

Wololo! It felt like deja vu why lie!

So the Oscars were being awarded Monday morning our time.

However that wasn’t the issue, what was – is the fact that the wrong film was called out for best picture! It reminded me of Steve Harvey messing up the miss Universe show in 2015.

SteveHarvey at 2015 Miss universe

La la land was initially awarded best picture and their team trooped on stage and began their acceptance speeches only to be stopped mid way.

A mistake was discovered and Moonlight was then declared best picture at the Oscars.

Hearth throb Mahershala Ali had earlier won the best supporting role for the movie Moonlight.


Viola Davies won best supporting actress for the movie Fences.

Viola Davis receiving her Oscar

Emma Stone won the best actress award for her role in La la land. While the best actor went to Casey Affleck for his role in the film Manchester by the Sea.

TV presenter cum comedian Jimmy Kimmel hosted the awards.

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