Wives are community property until they turn 40 – Man sensationally claims



A woman will never really settle down and be a wife until she turns 40 years old, was a confession that stunned Maina and King’ang’i during the Thursday morning conversation.

A guy on called in and said something incredible as we talked about office husbands. He said a woman is only committed to her husband once she hits forty. Once interests in her starts going down then she concentrates on you as her husband, but as long as there is still interest in her out there, she is never yours.

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Once she starts ageing, that is when she settles down to truly be committed to you. Before that guys you need to accept that she is never your alone.

She is a free agent, Mwalimu asked?

She can entertain attention elsewhere as long as it it there Maina said. So before you get to 40 years guys, does a man have to accept that she is not yours alone?

How true is that? And guys are you ready to accept that before 40, she is not yours alone?


Classic 105 fans seemed to agree with one saying ‘The age between 20’s and 40’s is the most active for a woman, kama hauna uwezo as a man utabaki hapo tuu. Some women when they hit forty is when they become more beautiful and that’s when they start hitting on younger men.’

Another said ‘bitter truth, for your information there is no woman who is yours alone, they operate when there is need, when she is yours use her’.

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A male caller disagreed with this sentiment saying ‘They become hotter at 40, and this is the time when they look for young guys. So you find women this is the time they start life, because the man is down when it comes to bed matters. My wife is 37, so I’m not worried. What I’ve seen before is women at 40 used to approach me when I was younger, and they want me to do things. Yes Maina that is when they showing signs of kutongozana. This thing is bringing havoc to young men.’

Another caller said ‘From 40 is when they start kuiva. Sasa walewameiva at 40, hao ndio wanasumbua’.

Another man called and said ‘They approach us and tell us they are in love. I don’t know hwy they are doing this, anakuita my son I want to be with you, sasa they confuse us.


This seemed to be a resounding idea with more men admitting they are being ‘disturbed’ by women over 40.

Perhaps the shocker was a young mans confession saying at 21 he drives a Subaru. ‘She bought it and it is in my name. I’m 21 years old and I’m dating a woman who is 45 she bought me a new car and the latest iPhone. Sometimes I get to drive her Range Rover. I live a very good life.’


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