‘I wish I could bring back my mum to life, one more time,’ Cries Grace Ekirapa

Cross Over host Grace Ekirapa has said the one thing she would want to reverse in her life is the untimely death of her mother.

Grace lost her mother when she and her siblings were still young and given an option she would have wanted her to stay longer.

Speaking during an interview with Malkia Africa production Grace said

I wish I could bring back my mother to life.

My mum died when I was eight and my 2 sisters and I did not get to spend enough time with her

We were young when she died.

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Grace Ekirapa
Grace Ekirapa

Grace added that she would have wanted to have a little more time with her mother.

The youngest was six and the oldest was 10.

We have achieved some things that we are all proud of.

We wish we could scale the heights and go back and tell her ‘Mummy look we made it.

I wish she was around I now know God had a reason as to why she left.

Grace lost her mother 18 years ago.

Going by the photos on her social media platform it is evident that they are a close-knit family.

Early this year she celebrated her dad for being there for them.

Her dad is the only parent they have left.

She wrote,

“These pictures speak about the person you have been in my life.

Hardly a few years after I was born, Mama went to be with the Lord and you stepped in and became both Mum and Dad.

You have been the best dad in the best way you know-how, you have held my hand, you have been my security, you have been the invisible fuel to my journey.


Grace Ekirapa with her dad and her two sisters
Grace Ekirapa with her dad and her two sisters

Daddy, I know I might not always say this or show it but it doesn’t mean it’s not my heartbeat.

I love you soo much and I thank God for you everyday. You are in my life because nobody else fits the job.

Happy Father’s Day to you Daddy. The main Ekirapa❤️❤️❤️”

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