These are the 15 nganya’s caught in the act by Maina Kageni

We Want To Reward You. Just Tune In To Classic 105 Radio!

Where are you right now? And what are you doing? In a matatu? We re looking for your mathree! See, we have really good stuff. Imagine February goodies all for you!

This is the catch. We must catch your matatu tuned in to Classic 105.

If you are listening to Classic, whatever time of day, we could surprise you with a sweet reward!

The matatu crew will get rewarded with cash for being loyal listeners to Classic 105 Radio.

And now to the icing on the cake! Those Matatus that we will catch having displayed a Safaricom sticker that is clearly worded Stori Ibambe, you will get a cool 5 thousand bob of Safaricom airtime. How about that!

The stickers are being handed out at most bus stations in Nairobi, so you better get some for your matatu like right away. Good luck, and let’s have some fun this February!

Here are 15 winners;

nganya 1 nganya 2 nganya 3 nganya 8 nganya 6 nganya 5 nganya 4 nganya 7 nganya 9 nganya 10 nganya 14 nganya 13 nganya 12 nganya 11=