How to win her heart as a bachelor in these hard dating times

In this dating era, you have to prove yourself better if you really need to catch the eye of that potential bae. Dating is becoming harder day by day. Money and s3ual prowess are the major power of play in modern dating. However, you can always say ahead of the pack in this high-level competition. Here are some of the things you can put in play:

1. Fridge katoto
Guys, you need this. Stock little niceties to keep the fridge enticing. Women love to eat. That’s undebatable. Stock in sausages, beef, yoghurt, soda and veggies. How awesome does that sound to the mouth? Save up a few thousand notes and get yourself this little baby.

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2. Tv
For a long period, TVs are still a common household item even with the wake of laptops. They seem to be irreplaceable and allows people to have an unending amount of entertainment. With the availability of smart TVs, people have the luxury of connecting internet and getting a wider range of entertainment ranging from YouTube, Netflix subscription and other pre-paid cable services. This could be a killer move for that lady you aiming. She could end up camping at your home because of this wild entertainment.

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3. Shoe rack
Women love order and cleanliness and most men have a big problem with the two. Men throw clothes and shoes all over making their houses untidy and smelly. How about getting yourself a good shoe rack. A woman would fall head over heels with your orderly manner. Don’t be surprised if she stays saying of how a gentleman you are because you put your shoes in place.

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4. Audio system
Music is life and the finer the output system the better it hits the soul. The market has a wide range of choice to make when you want to buy an audio system. It could be a woofer of a home theatre. With the availability of Bluetooth function, portability of your phone is assured. Women love music, they feel the lyrics and a good audio system is one of the best items they can lay hands on. Get that system, won’t you?

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