‘I didn’t over dose on viagra,hii mazoeano imezidi’ Willy paul shouts

Trouble seems to be following gospel artiste Willy Paul left right and center just yesterday someone sent a post online that Pozze had over dozed on Viagra.

He was left humiliated and embarrassed after a rumour that he had overdosed on a type of “Viagra” went viral.

The message, whose source is yet to be known read:

Gospel musician Willy Paul rushed to MP Shah hospital after taking an overdose of s#x stimulating  drug alleged to be Spedra.

The drug is 10 times stronger than Viagra,the controversial artist was having a  nice time with his girlfriend in Parkland Estate

Spedra is the trade name for a drug called Avanafil. Avanafil is a PDE5 inhibitor approved for erectile dysfunction.

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This left many wondering why a young energetic man like Willy Paul would be using sex stimulants at this age.

“Naskia wanasema eti niko hospitali coz nimetumia dawa za s#x, honestly hata kama kuna mazoeano I don’t think inafaa kufika hio point.”



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He went ahead to say;

“But unajua kitu God amesema yes hauwezi sema no,your no has no power.

Huyo msee mwenye ameniweka Parklands hospital ni nani?Juu naskia nilikua juu ya mtu shame on you.

Tafuta njia nyingine coz Pozee is here to stay utanguja uskie I have been admitted but wapi,Shame on you na nisikupate because it will be fire.”

He added;

“Hii mazoeano imefika mbali people have been calling and texting me asking me ‘bro are you ok?We’ve heard that you have been admitted .’You will see fire”

On social media he posted;

Pozze is here to stay  na wewe mwenye you spread ing fake news,we are coming for you!

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