Willy Paul wearing shades

Willy Paul, ‘I won’t have a wedding, some women will spoil it!’ (exclusive)

Willy Paul is rarely out of the news and that is something that he does intentionally. The singer is able to do so with the combination of the type of music he releases but his sometimes controversial social media posts.

He recently released a song titled, ‘Lamba Nyonyo’, a troll song that caught many by surprise and was heavily criticised. When I asked him about it, he said he was just having fun with the song. ‘Nikujinice tu.’ he said.

Willy Paul posing
Willy Pozze posing

Willy said that he didn’t care about trolls who spoke about him, adding that he was only focused on his work. ‘At the end of the day, my career is the one that pays my bills and that is where I concentrate,’ he said.

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On the topic of MCSK, the singer said that they should go and fart elsewhere or more accurately, “Wanyambe huko’. The singer was very upset with the way the group was disbursing funds and said that the money he had received from them was too embarrassing to even mention.

Willy Paul wearing a half-coat and posing on his Mercedes
Willy wearing a half-coat and posing on his Mercedes

He emphasised that the previous board had done such a good job that earlier said some artistes had even received monied in the ranges of Ksh.500,000 and 1 million shillings, something that wasn’t happening anymore.

The controversial singer also spoke about his love life telling me that he was currently dating. The only reason that he hadn’t had a wedding yet was that he fears different women will appear and spoil his big day.

Willy-Paul with his son King-Damian and his baby mama Mali-queen
Willy-Paul with his son King-Damian and his baby mama, Mali-queen

“I am dating but no wedding because they have a lot of issues, I don’t want the pastor to ask if there is anyone who is against my wedding and a flock of women stands up. I know what women do,” he said.

And why does he love the woman that he is currently dating? ‘She sees a different side of me, unlike what people think about me.’ he responded.

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