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Omosh alianza kama wewe! Willy Paul told after he threatens to expose gay artistes

As the days go by, musician Willy Paul’s behaviour is startung to resemble that of his constant critic and troll, gospel singer, Ringtone.

For a long time there, Willy would justifiably call out Ringtone for his clout-chasing antics that normally featured Mr. Pozze as the villain in the story.

Now it seems that Willy is slowly turning into the man he once derided fiercely because this year has seen the “Nikune” singer engage in a lot of publicity stunt.

His most recent one? Yesterday the singer threatened to expose male artists in the industry who are gay and make money through being paid for s3x.

“Enda mjengo, uza mandazi ama maji” Willy Paul piles pressure on Omosh

He did this using his popular Instagram page where he posted a video with the caption reading,

”I have a very big secret, nitoboe siri?? Walahi b4 I launch my album lazima niseme how some of our Kenyan male artists make their money. Ghai its so disgusting, all in the name of …. TUNATAKA KUISHI POA KAMA POZZE! watu wana funguliwa buti huku nnje!!”

Most of his fans and followers who read the post eagerly egged him on to unleash the truth while some others warned him about the path he was choosing. Check out some of the comments below:

peterspitter Master…………….. Malizia

kriserroh 😂 Na nani? Choma yote.

bravo_bravs 😂😂😂😂wacha kuenda indirect😂😂…sema tu ukweli ni wewe unafunguliwa buti 😂😂😂😂😂💔

_muthamah Omosh alianza kama wewe😂😂

pay.et_ Sema tu ringtone 😂😂😂Wacha story

dripdripcollectionz Content lakini uliishiwa bro🤦‍♂️smh ,,, siku hizi ni sekete na pekejeng tu 😂😂🤦‍♂️ nashangaa audacity ya kuongelea other artists inatoka wapi 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

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