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Yule anashida aende anyambe huko – Willy Paul tells cyberbullies (exclusive)

Willy Paul has been in the news recently over his dancing antics. The man posted a video on his Instagram page that elicited hate from some quarters, with the trolls asking why a star like him would only own a 24-inch television?

I spoke to the singer in an interview yesterday and asked him what he thought of the criticism? Pozze said that he didn’t care much for what the critics thought about him.

“Si ni sawa. I don’t give a hoot manze. Kwani ukiweka a 32 inch kwa bedroom shida iko wapi? It’s mine and that’s my bedroom, so yule anashida aende anyambe huko!”

Willy Paul wearing shades
Willy Paul wearing shades

He added that most of the haters were doing it because they were jealous of his life. “Most of them are talking like this and they don’t even have a handheld radio! My friend I am living a very blessed life. Hii ni kitu ndogo kwangu.”

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What is the star’s viewpoint on cyberbullying?

“I don’t care about cyberbullying. If I did, I would have died already. Most of the people who hate are envious about my life. The more they hate the more the Lord keeps on blessing me. ”

Willy Paul posing
Willy Pozze


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