Willy Paul and Bahati together

Ametoka zone ya mazishi, ya kulialia-Willy Paul says about Bahati’s “Wanani”(exclusive)

Yesterday Willy Paul met with the Deputy President of Kenya.

The photo session showed how much clout and power he has that he can get a face to face meeting with the second most powerful man in the country.

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As fitting his fame, I recently interviewed the “Coco” singer on the strides he had made in the music industry.

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One question that was burning in my mind was why the singer hadn’t still done a collaboration with either Bahati or Diamond Platnumz.

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Why was that? In the case of Diamond, Pozze said that there was a time in the past where he was very close to doing one with the Bongo singer but that it wasn’t to be.

Those guys who know me, know that I used to perform using his songs when I was on the come-up. He was an inspiration to me. Unfortunately, when it reached time to do a collabo, things changed. I don’t know how they viewed the situation. We offered to pay but something just happened that I can’t speak about at the moment. Diamond is a singer I respect.

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Seti poa basi CHUMA!

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In the case of Bahati, he said that he was willing and also congratulated him for changing his music style from the funeral type he used to do. “Bahati is my brother. We can do a song together.” Adding, “He did something(referring to Bahati’s his new song Wanani‘) different from what we are used to. Ametoka zone ya mazishi hiyo ya kulia lia.”

And does the singer see a future where Kenyan artists can fill stadiums on their own like other African artists abroad?

“The problem isn’t filling the stadium. The issue is that Kenyan fans will not attend because they don’t rank Kenyan musicians. We can fill a stadium but it will take some time. Another problem we face is sponsors for these types of events.”

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Morning fam! Black is beautiful!!

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Willy also spoke about some middlemen in the industry who have such high mark-ups for their services that it makes holding a concert/show untenable.

“Some middlemen will try and get a very huge cut so that they can help you get the sponsorship for the show, making it a non-starter for many,” he finished off.

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