Rayvanny with Willy Paul

Willy Paul reveals inside details of beef with Tanzanian singer Rayvanny (exclusive)

Willy Paul released his song Chuchuma yesterday. The singer, who was a top gospel artiste, has decided to take his business over to the secular side and is doing so with the solid offering of Chuchuma which is Kiswahili for ‘squat’.

Willy Paul posing
Willy Paul posing


But the real highlight of the song is the gem he drops into the mix, right at the end of the second verse. At this point, we can now infer who he has been accusing of stealing his music:

Usiwe mjinga ka kijana mnono mfupi na mwizi mround (FUNNY BOY)

For those of you who know WCB’s Rayvanny, his adlib whenever he drops a song is Vannyboy.

I called the singer and asked him who the song was directed at (yes and with all that proof!). Despite the above-mentioned verse, Willy refused to reveal the name of the artist but instead gave me the backstory of the song and the resulting controversy. He said;

I will not give you the name of the singer but I have worked with him before and he is someone I respected a lot.

Willy went on to explain that the previous song he had done with that artiste had been a huge hit and so it made sense to work with the unmentioned artiste (whom we shall now call Rayvanny henceforth after Willy’s Chuchuma song dropped).

The two had worked on the chart-topper Mmmh! which was released in February this year.

Willy Pozze explains that he played two songs for Rayvanny when he came to his Saldido studio but that an elated Ray couldn’t record his verses while still in Kenya.

So Willy then sent the song with his own verses to Rayvanny who was now in Tanzania. Rayvanny took two days to record and sent the song back with his own verses added in.

Willy Paul posing
Willy Pozze

Willy says he then finished editing the song and sent it back to Rayvanny. He says that Vannyboy then suggested that they should not only shoot a video but also change some of the verses in the song.

The Sitolia singer said that he wasn’t happy with that suggestion as he felt that the song was great as is. Thus ensued an exchange of differing versions of the song between the two artistes.

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‘He changed everything in the song! I refused. Then I thought to myself that this was a small issue that we shouldn’t have. We are brothers, our friendship should be more important. Let’s continue being friends but I will do my song alone because I love my song as is.’ Willy Paul told me.

Rayvanny hairstyle
Rayvanny with the noodle hairstyle

Willy added that after he told Rayvanny this, he says the Tanzanian forbade him from using the recordings he had sent, to which the Kenyan artiste agreed.

After that Pozze said that Vannyboy blocked him. ‘I was shocked! It has now become personal,’ Willy explained. The singer, who has had many successful collabos with different artistes, told me that a few days later he was shocked to see the same song that he had sent to Rayvanny being promoted on the Tanzanian’s Instagram page.

‘His (Rayvanny) verse was done with ideas he got from the recordings I sent him. It’s not good what he did,’ he finished.

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