Willy Paul

Here is why Willy Paul is the President of Kenya’s gospel industry

Willy Paul is loved and hated in equal measures but truth be told he has something not many people have.He has guts and confidence.

It goes without saying that a prophet is never celebrated at home.

A wise man once said

Chances are that when someone is hating on you.Its about them its about their fear their jealousy their boredom and their insecurity.

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Willy Paul
Willy Paul

Here is why Willy Paul is a La Presidente in his own rights

1. He is talented

Willy Paul is among the most talented artistes in Kenya.He has collaborated with both local and international artistes.

His only problem is that he has no guts to go public on wanting to switch to being a secular artiste.

Willy Paul and Nandy

2. He has guts

He has been bashed not once not twice not thrice but every time he rises above the hate and goes on to prove that he is still the ‘last man standing’.

3. He has connections

While most of us see Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho on TV Willy Paul gets invites to wine and dine with the most stylish governor in Kenya.



4. He attracts attention , loves attention and creates attention at every opportunity.

Willy Paul attracts attention wherever he goes.He attracts attention whether he is out with a friend,In a club or just chilling indoors.

How would you explain the fact that he has more than 4 songs with more than 7 million views.


He recently released a song with Nandy and in just 2 days it has garnered 588 views.

Jigijigi -7.4 Million views

Njiwa feat Nandy- 9.3 Million views

I DO-10 Million views

5. He is real

He is more real than most gospel artistes .Many live a life of conning people,sex scandals and they do this in secrecy but Willy Paul has let his life open for every one to see.



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