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They are cows! Willy Paul says about MCSK in bitter rant (exclusive)

I recently spoke to Willy Paul the other day. The man had a lot to say. He spoke about the music industry and how the year had gone for the singer.

The musician wasn’t happy with the year he had had. “Imekuwa mbwa. If it was in my ability I would repeat it or skip it entirely,” Pozze said.

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Hapo vipi?

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Was there any positive this year, I asked? “I was gonna be proud of so many things until Corona came through. Things happened. I have nothing to be proud off maybe the gift of life and my new album, Songs of Solomon.”

Could he speak about the MCSK?

They are cows. Even then I am spoiling the name of cows in general. I don’t understand how an adult man can start stealing money. We work so hard. Imagine I came from nothing to where I am now and there are people in big offices eating our blood, sweat and tears. Even the audit showed how they were stealing from us.

I am not even her bf! She is insane, she is a psycho – Willy Paul on Shakila drama (exclusive)

And what can they do to fix the industry?

We can end it by joining together as artists and making sure those guys go. Even if artists aren’t united in general we will have to join together so we can help each other. We will have to put aside our differences. Even in Nigeria, the artists are so respected that when they speak of SARS people take note.

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Explaining how bad it was for musicians in the country. He gave an allegory of a struggling artist,

But in our country musicians aren’t respected. Even if your woman takes you to her home, the scared mother asks you what you do apart from singing cause our craft isn’t honoured. The parents even say that this person can’t take care of my kids.

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Respect my hustle! A revolution is coming! Beware!

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He also explained the difference in the way other foreign artists are remunerated in Africa saying,

Nigerian artistes are living like kings. The royalties they get are calculated in a different way in Nigeria than unlike in Kenya. The artists there get either 80% or 90% while in Kenya the cooperations get around 70% and the artists the rest.

He finished by saying, “I am not afraid of anyone. God raised me from Mathare and I will still survive.”

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