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what’s happening? Willy Paul loses another dancer in a road accident

Willy Paul is going through a tough time after losing two of his female dancers in a span of weeks,The first was laid to rest a few days ago.

Willy took to his Instagram to share the news of the second death of his dancer only identified as Joan Charles in a post that quickly went south ,He wrote

“WE JUST LOST ANOTHER!! This is sad. The girl in front with a yellow jacket is the late @val_smilley that we just buried the other day. Now the girl at the back in red from the same group.. just lost her life yesterday.. this is so confusing, she was val’s friend from one dance crew ya nyumbani.. the devil is on the loose guys.. keep praying R.I.P JOAN.”

The late Joan

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Well as you might expect Kenyans have come out to troll him with many even insinuating that he might have sacrificed the two given that they both died in road accidents.

Instead of them feeling sorry for him they have turned him into a punching bag ,In a past post Joan had penned a post mourning her friend Val thanking her for believing in her.

“RIP vall😞… Why does it have to happen to you moreso this soon.. Legend in my heart… Forever I will love and respect you… U introduced me to many things.. Made me believe more in my talent,,, thanks to you sweetheart💖… It was Gods plan….. Shine your way…. Nakupenda mammiii❤😭”

The late Val

Below are some of their comments

‘I love you and will always do, RIP,’ Willy Paul mourns his female dancer

florance_joseph_:The deaths are not Godly, stop taking away innocent lives for your own fame and wealth.

vyonnageorge717:@willy.paul.msafi take heart but turn 🔙 to almighty and ask for forgiveness pray and pray… And if in deed u r behind this may God forgive u… To all dancers put God first… My dream of was to be a dancer but what am seeing let me just dance in doors

gabzngina18:Kuna tu mchezo mnachezea watoto wa watu ndo mpate fame hio si coincidence ati 2 dead another 2 in ICU nooo hata shetani si mbaya hivyo muwache kumsingizia anyway hakuna kuficha kitu chini ya jua kila kitu kitakuwa wazi

jmwova:The scret is out keep updating us whenever another one goes. When devil gives you a bone, you will pay steak 🥩


teddy.mutugi:Naogopa kucomment kwa willy then boom….saitani is on me,shindwe

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