Willy Paul vs Shakila

I am not even her bf! She is insane, she is a psycho – Willy Paul on Shakila drama (exclusive)

Willy Paul was in the news two weeks ago after he broke the story that trending socialite Shakila had sneaked into his home under false pretenses.

The story got a lot of airplay with the two sides engaging in a lot of back and forth. But what had really happened? I had the opportunity to speak to the “Njiwa” singer this past week and he went in-depth on what had really transpired.

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Pozze described Shakila as a woman who wasn’t OK in the head as he started his story. He added that he felt the whole situation had been a set-up from the start.

In Willy Paul’s own words below:

Something people don’t understand about the CCTV footage is that I live in a gated community. Once you have entered the main gate, you can now enter my gate, which always remains open. I dislike closing and opening the gate.

When she came I was in the studio with Teddy B, then this foolish kid called me. Don’t forget that I didn’t have her number. She lied about her identity saying that she was called Tiffany but I could tell from her fake accent that I knew her.”

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Respect my hustle! A revolution is coming! Beware!

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He added that a Tanzanian female guest then alerted him about a lady who had come to his house.

A few minutes later a Tanzanian lady who I had left at my home calls me telling me about a lady in the house who was claiming that she was my business partner. She told me that she let her in because she behaved as if she knew you well.

I told her to send me a photo of the lady and it turned out to be Shakila and she was just chilling there…That chick is mad! She even had the audacity of asking the Tanzanian lady the nature of the relationship that she had with me and I am not even Shakila’s boyfriend! She is insane, she is a psycho.

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It’s never that simple 😊💛#kitambigrowing😂😂😂

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Because that TZ lady was very mature, she was just looking at her despite the invasive questions. So I reached there with my two male friends because I feared that she might have been sent. You know the way the industry is at the moment.

My front door had jammed and so I had to use the back entrance. When I entered the house I found her just strolling about in the kitchen like it was her place. Even when she saw me she wasn’t afraid! She is crazy.

I asked her what she was doing at my place? We have a mutual friend and I hear you have been looking for me. I have been calling you and you haven’t been picking up your phone. So I asked her, “if I haven’t been answering then why did you come?”

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Don’t panic, I’ll always be here! Thank you all fam!

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She then started changing her story and mentioned a name. I then took her phone and typed in the name. This is the name you said? She answered yes. I dialed that number with a private number from my own phone. That lady answered the call and I introduced myself. She was shocked. I asked her if she had told Shakila that I was looking for her? She was really surprised and refuted those claims.

I then left the house with the Tanzanian chick to the police station while I left my friends to watch Shakila. I filed an OB and then the police went and took her from my home. She then slept at the police station

I ended up sleeping late because of the whole fiasco and a such slept well into the new day. When I woke up I found missed calls from the police and a message that I should go and deal with the case of Shakila.

It happened that I was busy and I didn’t have time. It was 2 PM and so I told myself that by now she had learnt her lesson. So I called the cops and told them to release her but that they should warn her that she should never mention me anywhere in her life!

They then gave her the phone to speak to me where she proceeded to thank me profusely. She even promised never to repeat it again with her fake accent. But the moment she left she starts claiming that she was released on 50K bail! That alone should show you that that woman isn’t OK and we are blaming her and she is a psycho. She was sent by someone.

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Even the way she was reasoning that day tells me she isn’t 100%. She was even provoking me to. She was telling me,’Beat me!, Beat Me!’.  My friends are the ones who were calming me down., telling me that she might have been sent cause there was a number that kept calling her. I finally picked up the phone and responded in anger.

The person replied by saying, “Pozee”. How can someone know to answer in such a manner when the person answering Shakila’s phone isn’t Shakila herself? This thing had been planned but it’s just that it failed.  She is a lady who has studied me. I don’t know who told her stuff about me. She was either looking for clout or blackmail me.

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I’ll try to answer comments today 😅😅be friendly

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I have made changes since the security breach. I told the main gate to call me before they let anyone in. I don’t even understand how she lied her way in the first place. Maybe it’s because she looks like a kid.

How do you go to someone’s home and you don’t even know them. That lady is very lucky that I have a heart. Her mother should control her cause she will with someone who doesn’t have a heart.

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