Willy Paul against Ringtone

Has Willy Paul become the new Ringtone? More provocateur less musician

Willy Paul has been on a rampage this past year. Pozze, who had a clean-cut image since his debut into the entertainment industry as a gospel singer doesn’t resemble that man anymore.

He has become loud, brash, crass and unapologetic, especially since the lockdown started.  Since then, we hear more about the singer’s misdeeds/controversies than his music, something that reminds me of the antics of Ringtone Apoko.

Ringtone is a musician who has become known more for his stunts than for his music-A bad sign that an artist is grasping at straws and can’t release great music anymore without publicity stunts.

Why do I say this?

His being in the entertainment news on an increased scale but not because of his music.

The evidence is below:

This past week, Willy decided to hit on Julie Gichuru’s daughter in the Mpashogram comment section. Check out the screenshot below:

Willy Paul screenshot speaking to Julie Gichuru
Willy Paul screenshot speaking to Julie Gichuru

Not only that, during the same week, Willy went to fellow musician Dk Kwenye Beat’s page to insult him as DK celebrated the birth of his first child.


Just this past weekend Willy introduced his daughter called Sonya, writing, “2021 is already good to me… I can’t thank you enough Lord for this gift.. my daughter SONYA WILSOVNA. Always know that daddy loves you so so much baby girl. I’ll always be here for you… I’ll be your superman… you have won my heart my love.”

Sonya is Willypozee’s second child from his second baby mama. He has a firstborn son called King Damian with a different baby mama.


While I don’t have an issue with a man declaring and accepting his blood in public, my question is why now and coupled with his erratic behaviour as described above, I have a suspicion.

I believe Willy is trying to hype up his image especially after releasing his first album, “Songs of Solomon” late last year. He wants to keep the album trending by keeping his name on top of the entertainment news ala’ Ringtone.

But I could be wrong…

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