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Kenya’s ‘Diamond’ Willy Paul proudly shows off his two baby mamas for the first time (photos)

Willy Paul is one of the most hard-working musicians with an impressive repertoire of music in Kenya. The man is rarely if ever out of the spotlight with his impressive knack for releasing songs on a nearly monthly basis.

Has Willy Paul become the new Ringtone? More provocateur less musician

His music output is only matched by the controversy that he seems to court. But there are times that the singer will show a softer side of him that gets Kenyans all mushy about the “Sitolia” singer.

This past week while dissing fellow singer Bahati, Pozze decided to praise his two baby mamas on his Instagram page, saluting them for giving him two adorable kids.

Appreciating the mother of his first born son Pozze wrote; β€œA very big thank you to mama Damian, thank you for giving me a son King Damian.. this is my son’s mother…”.

The “Haleluyia” hit-maker went on to also thank his Mzungu baby mama, whom they have a daughter together named Sonya.

β€œA very big thank you to mama SONYA, thank you for giving me a beautiful daughter. This is my daughter’s mother. πŸ’˜ πŸ’˜β€ wrote Willy Paul.

It seems that 2021 is the year for the singer to come out and reveal all to his fans. The man who always kept his son away from the media spotlight, previously unveiled the face of his son Damian Radido Opondo for the first after hiding him from the public eye for over 2 years.

β€œLet me introduce you to my firstborn. His name is KINGDAMIAN RADIDO OPONDO…say hi to my son.. this the first time I’m posting him.”


β€œHelp me wish my son a happy birthday fam.. he just turned 2yrs … I love you KING DAMIAN RADIDO OUMA.” shared Willy Paul.

In January, the singer had also gone out of his way to praise his daughter Sonya with the sweet message, “2021 is already good to me… I can’t thank you enough Lord for this gift.. my daughter SONYA WILSOVNA. Always know that daddy loves you so so much baby girl. I’ll always be here for you… I’ll be your superman… you have won my heart my love.”

While it seems that he has changed as far as being a loving and proud parent goes, his way of dealing with Bahati hasn’t. Just go and check out his recent trolling of the man married to Diana Marua.


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