Haiya: Frenemies Willy Paul and Bahati to share same stage after years of beefing

Willy Paul and Bahati have beefed for a while now, something that many people still don’t understand. Many people have termed their beef as childish because it’s baseless and doesn’t seem to have any meaning, considering they are in the same industry.

Well, despite them beefing for a while now, the two will share the same stage in a concert dedicated to Willy’s dancer, Val, who passed away.

The event is dubbed ‘In Dance We Breathe’ and the line up is as follows, Willy Paul, Bahati, DK Kwenye Beat, Jabidii, Masterpiece, Hopekid, Nicah The Queen, Weezdom, Havoc Music and Dar Mjomba.

Val died in a road accident while coming from a gig in Nakuru and Willy Paul announced the news via social media writing,

“The girl in blue hair, gone too soon my love… words alone cannot express how shocked I am now. REST IN ETERNAL PEACE. And like I’ve always said to you, I still love you and will always do. Such a young soul. May the Lord God take good care of you… You were one of my best @saldido_international R.I.P @val_smilley LOVE YOU!”

Rest in Peace Val.

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