Why leave so soon? Willy Paul dedicates emotional song to his late singer who died in an accident (Video)

Willy Paul lost one of his best dancers, Valary, better known as Val, who died in a car accident not so long ago,and he is still in shock .

Celebrities such as DK Kwenye Beat, Alemba, Bahati, Hopekid, Boss MOG, among others, gathered together to pay their last respects to the Late Val.

Many got to witness frenemies, Bahati an Willy Paul share the same stage after years of beefing.

Willy Paul took to social media to share a clip of what went down at the concert and he even dedicated a song to Val, who was one of the most celebrated dancers in the country.

‘I love you and will always do, RIP,’ Willy Paul mourns his female dancer

The late Valerie

Willy revealed that Val really wanted to meet him him and even dance for. The best part is that her dream actually came true before she passed away.

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“Her biggest dream was to one day meet me and dance for me. Valary I miss you and we miss you.. this one is for you.. it’s a dedication to you.. rest with the ANGELS.. thank you @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected][email protected]_trhk And kila artist mwenye ako kwa hii clip.. mko wengi.. BLESS up!! The whole song iko YouTube!! WILLY PAUL – VALARY TRIBUTE SONG.” Willy wrote.

Watch the tribute song below;

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