Willy M Tuva

Willy M Tuva connects with woman he saved from being killed by husband

Willy M Tuva is a house hold name in the Kenyan entertainment industry. Unknowingly, he saved a woman whose life was under threat by her HIV positive hubby.

After sharing his story recently on how he has struggled to be where he is now, a woman reached out to thank him for having saved her life after reaching out to her after she sent an alarming message during his radio show.

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The woman wrote

” Kweli watu utoka mbali, indeed dreams are valid and how i wish one day will see you face to face # Mzazi, if where not you maybe ningekua siko hapa duniani sasa, it was in 2010 when i was in a relationship with somebody who was positive and he wanted to kill me but i talked to Willy for more than two hours trying to advice me, am now a mother of two, I thank God coz am not positive, I thank you Willy for your advice ,am here because of you # may God bless you abundantly”

Willy M Tuva before and after fame
Willy M Tuva before and after fame

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On sharing her  story on how Willy saved her life the presenter could not hide his excitement and here is what he wrote back

” @muhonjacaroline Wow! You are the lady I talked to. Let me contact you. Am glad you have come this far and blessed with a child. There’s hope and anybody can make it.”

He then went ahead and shared with his fans how hard it was talking to Muhonja and how happy he is that he saved her life.

“After sharing part of the story of my journey to where I am, this comment touched me and reminded me of the things I thank God for having done in my career, saving and changing lives : I remember how long I took talking to @muhonjacaroline and am happy I saved her life by talking to her and giving her hope. Being an ardent fan of my radio show, #MamboMseto, she sent an SMS that caught my attention and I knew I had to act fast. I hope I meet her soon for the first time 😊”

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