Willis Raburu shows his weight loss

I weighed 153ks before my recent weight loss! Willis Raburu’s impressive confession

TV host Willis Raburu has been off his Instagram page for the past 3 months, a long time for any type of celebrity. And at most times it is evidence that something deep is going on in that person’s life and this time was no different.

Willis has shown impressive change as he continues to work on losing excess weight and the man has worked his tail off!

The TV presenter announced the great news on Instagram stating that he had so far lost 16 kilos. “Happy new month! It’s been such a task trying to get consistency but getting a hang of it. I have lost 16KGs so far,” he wrote.

Is MaryaPrude taking shots at Willis Raburu in new post? You be the judge…

The man explained that while it was a tough journey, it was worth it as he had started at 153kgs and was now at 137kg, a 16 kg difference.

“Fitness is a journey full of ups and downs, it takes time, but it’s worth it. Thanks coach @o_maurice. Started at 153KGs now we 137KGs! #ItCanBeDone,” he added.

While Raburu’s weight loss is impressive, fellow Kenyan celeb, Anerlisa Muigai has also impressed in the past with her own awesome body transformation.

Anerlisa before and after
Anerlisa before and after

There was a time that the Keroche Breweries heiress weighed in at 124kgs! But by her last update in April 2021, she was down more than half that and she now weighs in at 57kgs.

Talk about motivation! Can Willis match her? Only time will tell.

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